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About the Club

Journey into the world of epic imagination, where warriors, wizards, and rogues delve into ancient and forgotten dungeons, seeking all manner of lost treasure and mysterious secrets. Here, our brave heroes are challenged with an enchanted, but often dangerous, medieval fantasy setting where players can play virtually any type of character they can imagine, from wise elves, stout dwarves, and cunning halflings to righteous paladins, scheming sorcerers, and inspiring bards.


About D&D

Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D) has been around since the mid-70s, and has left a distinctive mark on pop culture, from video games, card games, Stranger Things, and beyond. Now in its 5th edition, D&D has enjoyed a massive resurgence over the past several years, and has been proven to increase social skills, problem solving, analytics, and improvisation in its players, particularly younger participants. One person serves as the Dungeon Master - the primary narrator and "director" of the game - while the other participants take on the roles of hearty adventurers, each one with unique talents and gifts infused with whatever motivations and personality traits the player wishes to portray.


Mondays from 3:30-6:30pm

Ages 10-16 (beginners and advanced players welcome)

$95 monthly, all materials included (just bring a pad and a pencil!)

Mike Yow, a local actor and game designer, will be your Dungeon Master, bringing 40+ years of role-playing game experience, storytelling, and world-building to the table. Dice and character sheets will be provided as part of the fee, so players need only bring their imaginations, positive energy, and a pencil and notepad to each game day. At least two D&D 5th edition Player's Handbooks will be on hand for the group, though players are encouraged to bring a copy if they own one. Happy adventuring!

Dungeon Master

Mike Yow


We prefer cash or check to avoid costly credit card fees.

You may also pay via Paypal or by debit/credit card in our main office.