This year the Art in Bloom garden tour has water drainage as a theme. Each of our generous and talented gardeners have found creative ways to work with the intensification of the rains in our region.

Gardener Ruth Pittard has an open retention pond in her front yard; Roynan Jones has a stone drainage canal that runs the length of her three-lot property; Joan Cummings uses terracing on her steeply sloped property to slow the water’s flow into a massive gully; Kathleen Miller uses hardscaping and creative paintings to mask her drainage; Murphy Funkhouser Capps takes advantage of her run-off to irrigate a lower street level garden.  

Most of these gardens on this year’s tour are fairly new, though the gardeners have a range of experience. All of our gardeners do the bulk of gardening tasks, from installation to maintenance, themselves.  All of our gardeners see the activity of gardening as a way to lift the spirit and connect to the earth in a healing way. We hope this virtual tour will lift your spirits too!

If the garden has an address and a map in the presentation, feel free to take the drive-by garden tour! Out of respect for the privacy of our homeowners, please remain on public property if you choose to view gardens in person. In addition to the virtual garden tours, you can click the links below to learn more about each gardener's intentions, methods, and philosophies about gardening.

Though this presentation is free, please considering supporting the Black Mountain Center for the Arts by clicking on the link below.

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