Suzuki Violin

Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Violin Lessons
Fridays, 10:15-11:00am, starting Jan 10
ages 3-5
$55 monthly

About the Class

The violin classes will be introductory violin lessons, meaning the students will be learning the basic skills required to play the violin! All of the students will be starting on a small box shaped like a violin (provided as part of the class) and will be learning posture, basic technique, and introductory music and rhythm activities. These will be set to various songs and taught in a fun environment. Since we will be using the Suzuki approach, parents will also be learning along with their children! Each week the parents and students will have an assignment to work on together throughout the week and then we’ll build upon this the following week. We start teaching these very basic, step-by-step techniques to work toward excellence and success.

What is Suzuki?

The Suzuki Approach to teaching is based off the way children learn a language- we learn to speak before we learn to read, and we learn by hearing our parents say the same things over and over. It’s the same with music- we teach kids to play an instrument before they learn to read music. They learn by ear, hearing the same music played over and over again. Parent involvement is huge as well. Parents attend lessons with the children and learn alongside them to help reinforce at home what is taught in lessons. 

About the InstructoR

Active as both a teacher and performer, Rachel Talbott Parker earned her Master of Music from East Carolina University in Violin Performance and Suzuki Pedagogy. She has taught in Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina both in the classroom and as a private teacher, and enjoys working with all levels and ages. She currently resides with her husband and two children in Black Mountain, and is the president of the NC Suzuki Association.

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