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Clay Classes


discover your connection with clay

The BMCA Clay Studio is located behind our main building. It used to be a city garage, and in 2005 was renovated to transform it to our clay studio.

We offer on-going classes for all levels of experience, a monthly Independent Study prorgram, and private solo or group lessons. Occasionally we will offer workshops in the studio, and information on those will be updated on this page.

On-going Classes
on-going CLASSES

The on-going classes in our Clay Studio run in 6-week sessions. These sessions are $225.

The 2023 class schedule runs the weeks of:

January 2nd- February 6th

February 13th- March 20th

March 27th- May 1st

May 8th- June 12th

June 19th- July 24th

July 31st- September 4th

September 11th- October 16th

October 23rd- November 27th


Due to the small size of our studio, most classes usually have a waitlist. Our studio policy is to allow current students in classes to sign up for continuing sessions until they decide to leave. Then, their spot opens up to the next person on the waitlist. We do this to give current students the chance to build upon their skills. Contact us if you're interested in being put on the waitlist.

Below are the 4 different classes that we offer weekly. Included in your class fee are 2-3 Open Studio sessions weekly to work on pieces while not in class. We limit the studio to no more than 9 people at any given time by using a sign up sheet for Open Studio sessions. See the class days and times and Open Studio schedule below.

Students must be at least 16 years old in order to take a clay class.

Class Schedule

Monday (beginner & intermediate)


Mathilda Potter

Tuesday (intermediate)


Charles Freeland

Tuesday (advanced)


Charles Freeland

Thursday (beginner & intermediate)


Geoff Bird

Open Studio Schedule
















Independent Study
Independent Study

The Independent Study program in the BMCA Clay Studio is an opportunity for experienced potters to have a studio to create in, but without instruction. The monthly fee for this program is $125 (this fee does not include clay, but does include studio glazes and firing). This fee allows potters to work in the studio during 2-3 Open Studio hours weekly. We limit the number of people in the studio to no more than 9 people at any given time. 


Students interested in the Independent Study Program must submit an application and photos of work samples. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of glazing, firing, and building and/or throwing techniques and must have a minimum of one year of class instruction. Click the link below to fill out an application.

This program is currently full. If you're interested in being added to a waitlist, fill out the application below, submit photos of your work, and wait to hear from a staff member about the waitlist.

Private Lesson
Private Lessons

Private lessons are taught by BMCA Staff and Instructors

Lessons can only be booked when the studio is not holding regular on-going classes or Open Studio Sessions. Please see the schedule above for days and times of studio use. Outside of these hours, private lessons are offered at the availability of our instructors. Please email to inquire about booking a lesson.

Adults (18+)

  • Beginner hand building and advanced wheel work

  • $120 for a two-hour lesson

  • Additional adults are $100 per person for a two-hour lesson

  • There is a limit of 2 people for wheel work, and a limit of 5 people for hand building

Children (-18)

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

  • $60 an hour, $90 for an hour and a half

  • Additional children are $50 per child per hour

  • For additional hours, double the rate

Contact the office for more information

or to schedule a session!

Working on a Pottery Wheel
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